Tità de cnc d'or perna amb bicicleta

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Bolt de bicicleta de màquina d'or CNC de titanio núm. 40


itanium screw bolt washer nut stud pin:
screw bolt washer nut stud pin dimension:M2~M22
standard: din912/6921/6912/7991,ISO7380 etc.


material:CP Titanium Gr2,Titanium Alloy Gr5(Ti6AL4V) etc.

advantages:light weight,acid,anti-corrosion,non-toxicity,low-temperature tenacity,extremely low magnetism,anodic treatment etc.

hex titanium screws bolts

titanium screws bolts

titanium brief introduction

titanium advantage:1.chemistry advantage----superior corrosion resistance.2.mechanical advantage----high strength.3physics characteristic ----lightweight

basic physical properties of titanium(compared to other materials)

melting point(.C) 1668 660 1083 1530 1420
specific gravity 4.51 2.70 8.90 7.86 8.03
young's modulus(MPa) 10.85*103 7.05*103 10.99*103 19.60*103 20.32*103
electric conductivity(% ratio to copper) 3.1 64 100 18 2.4
thermal conductivity


 0.041 0.487 0.920 0.145 0.039
 linear expansion coefficient(/.C) 8.4*10-6 23*10-6 17*10-6 16.5*10-6 16.8*10-6

company advantages

1.we can process according to customer's sample(product sructure drawing)

2.we can provide the samples to the customer.

3.quality certification of titanium screws:SGS,ISO9001:2008.

4.inspection equipment of titanium screws:sclerometer,hardness

tester,caliper,torsion metre,Die gage.

5.advanced production facilities:punch,EDM,rolling machine,

surface grinding,lathe,CNC lathes,the outer edge grinder,cutting

machine,drilling machine.

6.our screws can be colourful through anodize process.

The chemical composition of titanium screws

Detalls ràpids

Lloc de procedència: Jiangsu, Xina (continental)
Nom de marca: QFC, HPF
Model Number: It's up to the client
port: shanghai,ningbo
port term: FOB,CIF
market: America,Europe,Middle East,Japan,South Korea
payment: L/C,T/T,western union
Dimensions: It's up to the client
Grade: titanium,titanium alloy
Technique: forged;rolled;CNC
Application: industry,surgery,sports items
Pólvora o no: no pols
Ti Content (%): 90%~99%